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Axolotals psychometric assessment is most advanced and accurate online career test that will help to take informed career decisions. It is highest rated career assessment platform in India. Online Career Assessment is based on well-proven psychometric theories and Artificial intelligence (AI).

14+ online career test from students to professionals

5 Dimentional Career Assessment

Comprehensive Career Report

Find out the most suitable career path and get an execution plan in just 45 Minutes

Value - INR 4999/- (Including Taxes)

Check Career Suitability for your Dream Career

Take Informed Career Decisions. Check Career Fit for your Dream Career

Career Assessment Dimensions and Framework

There are many career assessment tools in the market. Some provide a one-dimensional assessment, some two. Axolotals provides 5-dimensional career assessment. The candidates are assessed on 5 key dimensions giving a more holistic view in career guidance

  • Personality Analysis
  • Career Interest Analysis
  • Career Motivator
  • Learning style
  • Skills and abilities (8 parameters)
  • Emotional Quotient / Emotional Intelligence for professionals 

Value - INR 4999/- (Including Taxes)

Reliability and Accuracy

A career guidance platform and holistic report helps the students and professionals to choose their dream career path. Career is the most important thing in an individual’s life. So it is extremely crucial for students and professionals to go for the career guidance, assessment and report, which is highly reliable and accurate. Just imagine going for a platform which gives you the wrong career path. It will be awful for you and your career. So, it is extremely critical to check the reliability and accuracy of the platform. 

Axolotals career  psychometric test is tested on statistical methodologies and provides 92.6% accurate results. It is highest in Industry.

Our core methodology, regional level testing, higher sampling and 5-dimensional correlation matrix, standard deviation combined with Artificial intelligence makes it highly accurate and reliable. Perhaps it is only assessment in India that has used artificial intelligence for assessment learning, evaluation and career path mappings.

 Career Assessment

Career assessment is a diagnostic tool used to assess the personality, interest, skills of an individual. Based on that the most suitable career path is determined. It is the base of any career counselling session. Selecting the wrong assessment will impact negatively. 

Let’s understand the key factors that determine the value of any career assessment.

A career report is an essence for an individual to identify a clear understanding of the candidate.Clarity of strengths helps you to find out the most suitable career path with the proper framework of the execution plan. Based on the career report and analysis one can make informed career decisions.

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