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At Axolotals, our mission is to deliver innovative, value-driven, and flexible training and consulting solutions that are aligned to prepare the learner to be self-reliant and competent.


Our vision is to be a highly effective training and consulting company, where the learner is assisted with consultation, training, and support. Therefore, be a productive professional and contribute to society.

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About us

The name "Axolotal" is inspired by an aquatic amphibian called "Axolotl." The unique thing about Axolotl is that it has the ability to regenerate its major body parts, including the brain, in case of any damage and to remain young. The superpower of this fragile animal makes it unique in the animal kingdom and allows it to survive in the toughest conditions. This fantastic creature's abilities have inspired us so much that we named our e-learning platform Axolotals. Simply put, maintaining and advancing in a given profession requires a never-ending dedication to professional development in the form of the acquisition of new and better skills, knowledge, and information while keeping the previous skills that are required now and continuously adding the newer ones to remain young and perform well in the profession.

We at Axolotals are committed to providing quality learning to anyone who wants to learn and build a career with changing market dynamics. Part of the process is figuring out why training is needed, creating custom content, delivering it (online or in person), measuring how well it worked, and keeping the learner interested. 

Our aim is to help and build society through our career-oriented programmes, which can support the younger generation struggling to be employed or not able to reach their true potential, by providing them a platform to learn, become more competent and skilled in different industries. We do not limit our efforts and commitment to one-time learning; we also assist individuals by providing them with regular live sessions for query resolution, industry updates, and various short brush-up modules. 

Our Featured Offerings

Brand yourself like a pro and move forward to be hired for your dream job or promotion with 

"Career Magnifier Mastery"

Choose a job where your skills are valued. You are adequately compensated. Become a star by learning strategic actions and learning how to build your brand and getting your dream job or promotion, which will help your career boost.

You will also find out how to leverage LinkedIn to transform yourself into an irresistible applicant. Master the cutting-edge methods using the "LEADS" system and you'll be a "Magnet Candidate" in no time. Designed to help you build your brand and land your dream job, this programme is jam-packed with exercises and backed up by resources.

Know the TRUE you - "Detailed Professional Profile Analysis"

The Axolotals psychometric assessment is the most advanced and accurate online career test that will help you make informed career decisions. The Online Career Assessment is based on well-proven psychometric theories and artificial intelligence (AI). A completely analysed report will be provided, which has enough information to help you understand your career path.

14+ online career test from students to professionals

5 Dimentional Career Assessment

Comprehensive Career Report

Find out the most suitable career path and get an execution plan in just 45 Minutes


Our Founding

“We believe that we are doing something far more important than just training or selling our expertise; we are here to change lives.”

Raahul Pandey

Raahul Pandey is an Internationally Certified Career Coach, a Career Counsellor, an Education Consultant and a Trainer/Coach, He  an ardent advocate of youth empowerment through personalized guidance, mentoring, and developmental interventions.

He brings a rich experience of over 22 years in various leadership roles in diverse professional assignments having worked with HDFC & Hyundai Motor India Limited.

He has a passion for mentoring/guiding/counseling on academic, career, and self-improvement matters that widens their horizons, enhance their profiles, and improve their lives. Over the years, he has helped/mentored/trained many students of different age groups and working professionals in discovering their true selves, setting appropriate career goals, and walking the right career paths.

He has also had a rewarding career as a senior training specialist, regional training manager, and national training manager. He has successfully led projects and has successfully delivered many key developments for large organizations related to skill development, performance enhancement, and customer satisfaction strategies, and has also trained over 15000 professionals in different forums.

Rahul has an MBA degree in marketing & human resource management alumnus from Banaras Hindu University & HNBGU, after taking a voluntary break from his career in the corporate world have founded his training academy to help working professionals, job-seekers, professional graduates, college graduates to be more effective and to be ready for the professional world.

Besides these, he has completed several other Certification courses on various topics from reputed international and Indian universities and organizations.

Rahul’s mission is to reform the education and employment system and to help the next generation professionals of the country to realize their dream by utilizing the power of digital enablers. His mission is based on the core principles of humanity & simplicity & vision is to support by enhancing one’s social skills, happiness, and overall productivity.

“Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage"

– Dale Carnegie

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